Where To Get Your Ultimate Hot Chocolate Fix In Dublin!

It is officially Hot Chocolate season and we couldn’t be happier!

With Autumn well and truly in our midst and our boots, coats and scarves combos coming out in full force as well as our cosy work from home uniforms with fluffy slippers and comfy jumpers taking centre stage its time to admit that winter is on its way!

For us there is only one way to combat the cold and that my friends is HOT CHOCOLATE!

(with cream and marshmallows of course!)

I mean really what else is there for it?!

So with that out there and proud, here are our 5 ultimate hot spots to get your hot chocolate fix in Dublin!


Ah here … we can’t have an ultimate hot chocolate hit list without Butlers! If your after an amazing luxury hot chocolate then Butlers is your go-to! With Butlers chocolate cafes located throughout the city you are never far away from one either!


Now this is high-end hot chocolate! When your looking to treat yourself to a posh pick me up then hit up Laduree! Rich, indulgent and luxurious – what more could you want! (Apart from a handsome Irish man to sit and enjoy it with of course…! )


We’re just going to leave this with you ……. NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE! Yeah thats right …. What else is there to say really!

Café Bombo

Instagrammable hot chocolate at its finest and if we do say so ourselves – absolutely delicious! Its chocolatey and every kind of feels you want from a hot chocolate and if that is not enough they went and added a salted caramel popcorn hot chocolate to the mix filled with heaven in a cup!

Dollard and Co

Whether its a pick me up take away treat or a full on sit down chocolate affair with a slab of their all kinds of goodness Guinness cake, Dollard and Co is a must try!

So there you have it, get out there and grab yours and tag us at @so.very.sarah in your Hot chocolate Instagram snaps so we can see which one you had to try!

(If its all of them , we not judgey here at SVS , you go Glen Coco!)


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