Vixi Gifting’s Guide To Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a topic that can seem daunting if you’re not too familiar with the ins and outs of the process. From pitching to sourcing, fulfilment to shipping, there are many things to consider when putting together a corporate gifting project.

The final product may appear seamless and finished to perfection, but the big question for many people can be: Where do I even start with this corporate gifting project?

Here at Vixi Gifting, we want to offer you some knowledge and tips so you can begin your project with confidence and ease. 

1. Find your purpose

Is it for a virtual event? An onboarding package? Client retention? A wellness gift for your employees working from home? It may sound obvious but finding the purpose of the gift is the thing that will drive the entire process, from the products chosen to the way it’s presented. Making this message very clear will hugely guide the direction of the project. Know why you’re gifting, and take it from there.

2. Have a budget in mind

The possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate gifts, so having a solid budget in mind helps make the process less overwhelming from the get-go. By ruling out what you don’t require, you can start focusing on what you do using the budget available to you. Whether it’s a bigger or smaller budget, the final product can always be memorable.

3. Know your brand

Each gift should tastefully encompass your companies traits and brand values, so to know how to guide this, you need to know your brand. Is there a certain tagline or message you need to capture through your marketing materials? Should the products or packaging be branded? Do the items reiterate the values and ethics of your brand? Working alongside the gifting purpose we mentioned in point one will help you to plan these details. Taking corporate gifts to the next level is all about the execution. And always remember, less is more when it comes to branding.

4. Source innovative items that people actually want

A really exciting part of receiving a gift is when you’re getting something you’ve never gotten before and it’s something you are actually excited to use. To really make an impact with your gift and add that extra wow-factor, source where possible products from innovative businesses that the recipient may actually want and will use. It’s always great to support these businesses, and they can really bring something unique to your gifting. Working with a brand you admire whose values align with your own is a sure way to add substance to your gift.

5. Make corporate gifting part of your business strategy

Don’t let corporate gifting be a once-off occasion, working it into your business strategy can work wonders for client retention or employee morale. You don’t always need a specific time to gift, get creative and build a purpose suited for your own business. By making it a regular event, it will add value to your brand’s generosity levels and give your staff something to look forward to at regular intervals during the year.


We hope we have laid some gifting foundations and confidence for your next corporate project. If you would like an effortless, outsourced experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, visit our or check out our Corporate Gifting Catalogue for more information and inspiration on the corporate gifting process.


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