Tips to picking your ideal engagement ring – Guest blog article by Kate Westall

Whether it is for engagement or just gifting yourself with a solitaire, diamond rings are just amazing. The value is precious and promising and diamonds on a platinum base will last for a long time, even after you leave this world. So, these rings can easily be passed down from one generation to another, without a flaw within. If you are making plans to get hands on the finest platinum diamond engagement rings just to make the day special for your loved ones, there are some tips and guidance you need for making the right choice.

These rings are mainly classified under multiple heads, based on the setting type, design, diamond cuts and even the shape of it all. Even the metal used for creating the bands will change the entire notion of these engagement rings. So, before you proceed further and make a choice, learning about all the alternatives and substitutes will help you big time.

The design types to consider while buying Engagement Rings:

With the platinum diamond engagement rings gaining quite popularity over the world, the ring designers are coming up with new shapes and structures of these rings for the sake of providing uniqueness to the items. If you want something like that, log online and get the ideas covered. But first, let’s learn about the basic ones that the market has in store for you.

  • You have the solitaire rings to start off with. Here, the ring is made using a single diamond in setting mainly held strong using prongs. There are some other mountings used over here like the tension setting or the bezel setting.
  • Then you have the rings associated with side stones. As understood from the name itself, here there will be one center diamond, which is again surrounded by the smaller diamonds to create a unique shape or design. The most popular one among the lot got to be the three stone rings. Here, you have one diamond in the middle with two stones on either side of the main stone.
  • Another example under platinum diamond engagement rings got to be the pave rings. Here, the items are studded with smaller diamonds as well associated to band with the tiny metallic prongs looking like metal droplets. Based on the design, these rings are made using smaller pave set diamonds or can feature one bigger stone single at the center.

Metals you can choose:

If you are particularly heading towards the platinum diamond engagement rings, then you are actually looking for a base made out of premium quality platinum metal. This item is known for its strength and white colored base with a glossy texture to it. Apart from that, if you are willing to try something different, you have yellow gold ring and the white gold rings as well. Rose gold diamond ring is the latest addition in this list offering a slight rose tint to the items. Another example you might want to care for is the palladium ring, designed to last long.

The diamond cut to consider:

You have to be sure of the cut of diamonds before heading towards the platinum diamond engagement rings of your choice. The cut here mainly refers to finish, symmetry, propositions and diamond polish. These factors are designed to help determine brilliance and even in intensity of the diamond used for manufacturing the rings. A well-cut diamond is noted to be polished, symmetrical and even proportioned. They are the most expensive ones used for platinum diamond engagement rings. Avoid going for the discounted as such diamonds might be of poor quality.


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