The complete guide to Boyfriend jeans – Guest blog article by Claire Hastings

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When they first appeared, we don’t even remember how long ago, most of us thought they would be another fleeting jean trend. However, once you go boyfriend, you never go back, and why should you? They are the perfect jeans. They don’t cut you off at the waist, they hug the hips oh, so nicely and then they let your legs breathe and give them all the breeziness and comfort in the world. On top of everything, they’re super easy on the eyes AND can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and occasion. Now, if you haven’t found the perfect pair just yet, don’t give up. This is what this guide is for. We are going to teach you how to choose the right ones, how to mix and match them and when and how to wear them. Things are about to get fun, so just stick with us.

Things that matter

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When trying to decide among numerous variations of these jeans, the first thing to do is take your body type into account. Once you have figured out what shape you are, it’s easy to browse through brick-and-mortar as well as online stores in pursuit of the perfect boyfriend jeans for you. They can be slim, slouchy, regular boyfriend – there are so many variations custom-made to cater to all body types. Of course, there is the matter of color selection. If you want to make your thighs visually slimmer, go for dark wash or black. If you want to make the legs look longer, always go for full length, and when you’re wearing heels you can roll them up a bit to show off your ankles. When it comes to picking them out, that’s the entire philosophy. One more bonus tip: if you plan on wearing them to work, go with the regular, not the ripped version. This one isn’t perceived as professional. On your days off, rock the ripped ones as much as you want.

When to wear them?

As jeans are a wardrobe staple, you can pretty much wear them everywhere, except to weddings, formal parties and, as mentioned, at work (if they’re ripped). Regular days – a total yes. Nights at the club – a double yes. Picnicking and hiking – they are so comfortable and offer so much movement that we’re compelled to say yes. Essentially, you can wear jeans to any place that doesn’t have a strict dress code. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, we can get to the really fun part – the styling.

Cool and casual

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First stop – Oversizeville. Nothing, and we mean nothing, looks greater with a pair of boyfriend jeans like an oversized blazer and a slouchy white tee. This is the ultimate cool-girl look. You can tuck the front of your tee into the jeans and roll up the sleeves of your blazer to make it even cooler. Now, a simple tote bag is a perfect accessory. When it comes to footwear, there are two doors – both equally amazing. Plaid or embroidered ankle boots with a midi block heel or cool sneakers. There it is, you’re the ultimate cool girl. If you want to be the edgy cool girl for the day, swap the white tee for a black one, put on a bunch of silver necklaces. Instead of the blazer opt for your ‘edgy factor’ – the black motto leather jacket, and bam, transformation complete.

Nonchalantly chic

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As we approach harsher weather you may want to snag a timeless trench coat, put on a cozy Breton top – for the French girl vibe, add your jeans into the mix and you’re almost done. Since loafers are one of the hottest shoes of the season, and they are so chic we can’t even handle it, they make for a perfect addition to your outfit. You can even wear a scarf headband to spice the look up a bit, and the final detail – structured midi shoulder bag in a dusty pink hue.

Ready to paint the town

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If you want to get the party started but don’t feel like putting on a dress and doing that whole ‘thing’, worry not, your jeans are here for you. The jeans plus dressy top combo is coming back in style, so just put on a pair of heels – any pair you have will do, put on a dressy top and with a bejeweled clutch and a red lip, girl, you’re ready to slay. Now, depending on your style persona you can go with an ethereal lace blouse, a floral corset top, the trendy puff-sleeved top or any other ‘prized possession’ you have hanging in your closet.

The young professional

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If your office doesn’t have a strict dress code, you can totally get away with wearing boyfriend jeans to work. To make the look just a little more corporate, rely on the trusty white shirt, buttoned up all the way. Make use of the bow trend – just take a piece of thin fabric, black for instance, put it under your collar and make a nice little bow. A fitted black blazer is optional but recommended, as well as a patent-leather tote and those same loafers we talked about before.


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