The Best Resort Wear to Bring on Your Warm-Weather Escape – Guest blog article by Amy Mia Goldsmith

For the summer lovers, chilly weather can be a particularly annoying version of prolonged torture. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, only shapeless sweaters and thick jackets to keep you company as you wait for the sun to finally rear its head and warm up your cold, stiff fingers. Since this is a really boring way to wait out the bad weather, most of us long for an escape, a place untouched by the sharp winds and whipping rains. Is it any wonder that warm weather travel is so popular then? You want a respite from the cold, and now that you got it you can’t wait to rush off. There’s only one trouble left: what on earth do you pack? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Packing tips for an unforgettable vacation coming right up!

Long and flowy layers

The key to practical packing and variety are light layers. Instead of thick jackets and “just in case” wardrobe, it’s much better to pack long maxi dresses and skirts, gauzy summer cardigans, wispy silk blouses, and a few casual tees that you can style up by tying the hem into a knot around your waist. In case it somehow does get surprisingly cold, just layer these up and you’ll be fine. This way you don’t have to sacrifice suitcase space for ugly, shapeless things you don’t really want to wear.

Besides, having a bunch of breezy layers means you’ll have the joy of mixing and matching a whole variety of fun things. The only thing we’d recommend is that you limit the choices to one color scheme. It doesn’t matter whether you pick neutrals, jewel tones, or have everything in crazy bright colors. Just as long as they go well with each other you’ll have a ton of options.

Short and sassy hot pants

What’s summer without shorts, eh? We recommend some distressed denim that will give you that perfectly casual, effortless vibe and because it totally looks great at the beach. Shorts are easy to slip over your bathing suit for a quick outfit, but you can also style them with a white blouse and a straw hat and have a great stylish look that’s perfect for when you’re just sipping your morning coffee at the café. If you have some problem areas to hide you can get some Bermuda shorts that will cover your thighs, or high-waisted shorts that will hide your belly and cinch you in. This looks great with those knotted-at-the-hem t-shirts we mentioned earlier.

The beach goddess swimsuit

Of course, your swimsuit is the crown jewel of your wardrobe, and it’s the one thing that needs to be absolutely perfect. You need to look and feel great in it, otherwise, your entire vacation might be riddled with anxiety over how you look. Find some beautiful luxury swimwear that makes you feel like a goddess, preferably a sassy little one-piece. Something with side cutouts and straps to give it visual interest, hide problem areas, and still be perfectly practical both for swimming and lounging around with a cocktail in hand.

A casual cover-up

We all deserve that one dramatic moment when we walk in with a cute cover-up and then we pull it up, slide it off, and reveal our hot body in a sexy bathing suit. A flimsy, see-through white dress can serve this purpose, so pack something that will make you feel tempting and beautiful.

Canvas, straw, or plastic

Now come the accessories, and we recommend that you start with a huge bag. Pick a material that won’t be ruined by water so you could bring it to the beach, and pair it with a big, floppy hat to protect you from the sun. Plastic bangles and colorful earrings are encouraged as well, and sunglasses are an absolute must – they look cool and they protect your eyes.

Strappy shoes

Avoid heels – they are impossible to wear at the beach and they are completely impractical to pack because they take up a ton of space. If you really want to add inches to your height we recommend wedges, but otherwise stick to cute strappy sandals, flip flops for when you plan to swim, and canvas espadrilles which will make you look extra stylish.

Excited about your little getaway? We hope you have fun! Follow this packing guide and you’re bound to be both comfortable and fashionable as you enjoy the hot weather!


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  1. April 18, 2018 / 8:26 am

    On countdown to our holidays in July🌅 Great tips….ready to hit the shops🛍👙👗

    • sarahfl8
      April 18, 2018 / 10:05 am

      Wishing i had a holiday to countdown too! lol i do love a bit of holiday shopping though! glad you liked the post and have a great holiday Lynne 🙂

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