Taste of Teeling

 Teeling Whiskey distillery is Dublin’s only working distillery located in the heart of the Liberties, which is one of Dublin’s oldest districts and the first to have opened in Dublin in over 125 years. It’s a family run business producing some of Irelands finest whiskey and offers a real insight into Dublin’s rich history and whiskey roots.

As well as being a working distillery, they also offer guided tours and tasting sessions where you can enjoy a tour of the distillery and the whiskey making process and learn about the history of Teeling and the method of their whiskey production. You can walk around the distilling room and see the different stages of the production process along with the aging process where they use different types of barrels to infuse the different flavors in each of their unique batches.

The tour starts with an interactive video showing the process of the re -opening of the distillery and the ethos of the family run brand and culminates in a whiskey tasting session where you can try the different varieties of whiskey produced. Within the Whiskey tasting session, you get to try three different batches presented in Teeling branded glasses and laid out on a laminated informative guide for each batch while your tour guide talks you through the different characteristics in the batches and teaches you how to taste and appreciate the whiskey properly.

I for one can tell you that this really is Whiskey worth tasting! So, get yourselves down there and give it a go already! 😊

The distillery also has an onsite gift shop where you can treat yourself to your very own bottle of Teeling – let’s face it, it would be rude not too! – as well as their lovely whiskey glasses to go with it. Amongst the merchandise they also have clothing, accessories and various food gifts like chocolate whiskey truffles and Teeling whiskey marmalade (which is also amazing by the way!), they also have a café area and some lovely unique event spaces where they can hold drinks receptions and evening dinners as well as tasting events where they can make bespoke whiskey based cocktails or host private tasting sessions for you and be honest ,who doesn’t love a whiskey based cocktail (or 2!)! 😊

The staff are also fantastic and really help to make the visit a memorable one and again echo that family vibe of the distillery. They are very knowledgeable but also fun and entertaining, so it really gives you an enjoyable experience. They all have a real passion for what they do and for the Teeling brand which really shines through and gives you a real sense of that famous Irish hospitality that this beautiful, warm and vibrant city and its people have to offer.

From the moment you enter the distillery to the moment you leave you are welcomed into the wonderful world of Teeling and invited to be a part of their journey and a part of their family.



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