Sarah Loves…

Hi Guys,

Here is this week’s Wednesday round up of Sarah Loves … Enjoy! 😊

This week Sarah Loves …

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut hair mask

This deep conditioning Lee Stafford hair treatment is divine! Its smells amazing and leaves your hair looking smooth and shiny for days! #haironfleek!

Use it In between your shampoo and conditioner or as an intensive treatment for a pamper treat. It Is enriched with coconut oil and has a really rich and creamy texture which helps to moisturise and nourish the hair, so it helps repair any damage and split ends and it’s an absolute bargain at £6.99! 😊

Skinny pop popcorn

So, this is my new go to snack! Skinny pop comes in sweet and salted or sea salted, and you can get it in share bags or smaller bags which are great for when you’re on the go and want something to chuck In your handbag. It’s healthy gourmet popcorn using simple ingredients and the best bit is they are only 98 calories per pack for the sweet and salted or 75 calories per pack for the sea salted.

SoSu Cream highlighter stick

I am absolutely living for this SoSu highlighter right now! It is amazing!

It has such a silky-smooth texture when applying, blends really well and the shimmery iridescent gold colour is absolute perfection!

This highlighter will have you looking selfie ready and glowing all day long, its hands down the best cream highlighter I have used so far so I highly recommend you all go buy it immediately! Lol 😊

Plus who doesn’t like nice packaging? And this is all kinds of chic packaged in black and rose gold. #onpoint!


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