Photography tips for bloggers – Guest blog article by Oh My Style

Photography tips for bloggers by Oh My Style

Photography is one of my favourite things about blogging, it’s helped me learn so much about my camera in the process.

The first and most important step in learning photography is getting to know your camera. If you own a DSLR you’ll find 3 shooting modes which will really help you get to grips with the basics. You’ll find some really useful tutorials on YouTube regarding things like aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

To create beautiful outfit photos for your blog, its best to take your photos outside in natural light against a neutral clean background. If it’s a sunny day you want to try and avoid taking photos in the midday sun and try and find an open shaded area to avoid harsh shadows.

To get that beautiful blurred background, you need to set your aperture to 1.8-2.8 depending on the camera you own, I usually set my camera to the Shutter speed priority mode which means I set the aperture and my camera does the rest for me. Make sure you cover the outfit from every angle, not forgetting the little details and accessories. Create interesting poses to make the photos a bit more interesting. There’s lots of posing ideas on Pinterest.

If you don’t have anybody to take your photos, you can simply use a tripod and a remote, its so easy and some camera’s let you connect to your phone so you can control your camera from your phone.

Lighting is so important for not only outfit photos but also flat lays and product photography. You want to take these photos by a big window during the day on a nice clean background such as a white bed sheet, wall paper, card etc. Make sure there’s no clutter or mess in the background. For product photography, using props can make the picture more interesting such as using jewellery or flowers.

If your unable to take photos during the day, soft boxes or a ring light are your best friend, they create natural looking light. The lighting inside your house during the evening will create a green/orange hue over your photos. A ring light or soft boxes will also help you out on gloomy days during the winter!

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