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  • Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links

    Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links
  • Bad Bobs Dublin: An Unforgettable Event Venue in the Heart of the …

    Bad Bobs Dublin: An Unforgettable Event Venue in the Heart of the City
  • Discovering Dublin’s Top Wine Bar Picks

    Discovering Dublin’s Top Wine Bar Picks
  • SVS VA Services

    SVS VA Services

How To Create A Positive Instagram Space – Guest Post by Fenella Fox of The Fox Files and Vixi Gifting.

Oh, Instagram! It’s a space where so many of us spend so much time, but on reflection, how positive is this space that we have built for ourselves? Of course all social media platforms have…

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Pandemic-Inspired Lifestyle Shifts That Could Turn Out to Be Perks – Guest Post by Jennifer Scott

Human beings are amazingly adaptable creatures, and the pandemic has certainly brought that out in all of us. As our workplaces, schools, restaurants and stores closed, we altered our daily lives accordingly. And through the…

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My Top 5 2020/2021 Wedding Trends – Guest Post by Briona Farrell – Wedding Coordinator

For those who don’t know me, my name is Bríona Farrell and I am a wedding coordinator, currently based between Ireland and Scotland. I have been a wedding coordinator for over 3 years now and…

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Recognising Why We Need To Look After Our Mental Health In Business – Guest Post by Deborah Byrne – Psychologist at Deborah Byrne Psychology Services.

Right now businesses are re-opening their doors all over the country. Concern about physical health is our top priority as business owners but we have to monitor mental health as well. Our customers, staff and we,…

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How To Eat For Your Mental Health – Guest Post by Danilly Carvalho

We are living in extraordinary times. Unprecedented times that we thought we would never experience in our lifetime. But unfortunately we are in the midst of a global pandemic and this can bring unwanted anxiety, depression, and many other mental health issues because of the uncertainty of what the future might bring. This can lead us to use food…

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