NY Fashion Week Runway Vibes – Guest blog article by Claire Hastings

Fearlessness, optimism, joy, originality and spirit – these are the words Anna Wintour used in her description of the collections presented during the New York Fashion Week. It was truly a monumental FW, with old names such as Rodarte coming back from a two-year hiatus and Ralph Lauren celebrating 50 amazing years in the fashion scene. We thought last year’s spring/summer collections were pretty darn mesmerizing, but designers and brands have upped the ante once again, making this season truly memorable. We simply cannot wait for all of these trends to be rocked and spotted on the streets and we can’t wait to see how this joy and optimism will translate on real-life people, but we have a fairly good guess that it will look spectacular as this year’s FW was more inclusive than any other. However, we’re here to give you the skinny on the trends, so let’s do just that shall we?

Ready for the French Riviera

One Vogue writer described Ralph Lauren’s latest line as an inland-vibe one, the aesthetic was more of a “traditional yacht club one with classic nautical tropes that have been associated with a certain kind of American prepster for decades”. The sleeveless dresses with splashes of that perfect French Riviera blue are a confirmation of these words, and so were the crisp white blouses paired with frilly Club Tropicana skirts. However, there is still something for city girls to wear, like patch-bleached denim ensembles and Ralph Lauren signature preppy outfits featuring sharp blazers and cool and summery high-rise pants. The mixture of nautical and classy summer vibes makes this one of the most wearable collections, and we have no doubt that the classic ‘yacht’ style will be highly coveted in the following spring. Just, unlike the barefoot models, make sure you snag a few pairs of amazing sandals, as you don’t want to be caught with a look that’s incomplete.

Bring on the decadence

After the aforementioned two-year hiatus, Rodarte made a spectacular show. We’re not exactly sure how wearable the collection is as it clearly represents the New York ’80s party scene, but taken up a few notches. The dresses were red, black and filled with a literal plethora of ruffles, although there was room for non-party and less eccentric women too; case in point this wonderfully tailored and simple yet effective white dress. Plenty of lace and murky florals were largely present as well, so we guess if Rodarte says that lace will be the ‘it’ fabric again, it must be true. Ruffles will be everywhere, judging by the collection, and we bet many will rejoice over this grand return.

Class, sexiness and sass

After the animal print-filled fall collection, Tom Ford certainly took things down a notch in the pattern department. The general vibe was classy, elegant, form-fitting and sexy, with all the leather skirts and lace hemlines, patent leather jackets and little black dresses so incredibly crafted that they almost put Audrey Hepburn’s one to shame. There were similar white and cream ensembles present as well, so we guess that Ford is not only telling us that monochromatic is the way to go the following spring, but also that there is a new minimalism coming our way, and it means business. We certainly didn’t expect black for spring, but these garments are too spectacular not to embrace, so black is the new black after all. Just make sure you break the monochromatic look with metallic shoes, as prescribed by Ford himself.

A mix of French and Victorian

If you’re looking for clothes that are clearly vibing on the modern Marie Antoinette, you will definitely find them in the Brock collection – more contemporary, but old-time vibe-exuding nonetheless. The patterns, the puffed sleeves and racy décolletages, the sturdier fabrics than generally used for spring collections, and even the skinny long ribbons around the models’ necks are all highly reminiscent of the old French royal era. The duo truly made an inspired collection and we are dying to see how the women of New York and all over the world will wear it, as it’s certain they will. This is perhaps the most inspired collection we’ve seen so far, so historical yet contemporary at the same time, and we’re completely in love with the vibe.

New tricks up the sleeve

It seems as though over-the-top ruffles are definitely what we’ll remember NYFW for the most, as unlike the oversized suits in saturated hues, Marc Jacobs turned to statement ruffled high-necklines and extravagant combinations. More wearable outfits were spotted on the runway as well, with a touch of glam, but completely wearable. Romantic peachy moments were present too, complete with polka dot details, but let’s not forget about the look that is so retro that we can bet our souls everyone will be wearing it this coming spring. Kaia Gerber sure did this look justice as an oversized yellow rubber trench has never looked better, especially when paired with a headscarf reminiscent of old Hollywood divas. Little, old-school handbags and gloves will be sought after everywhere, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds. All in all, this was one of the most versatile lines we’ve seen as it offers something for everyone – from divas and statement dressers to those with more subdued tastes – yes, Jacobs certainly did play his cards right.

Kudos to Savage

We couldn’t possibly end this article without mentioning the SavageXFenty lingerie line which closed the New York fashion week. Rihanna proved once again that inclusivity is a priority as the incredibly sexy garments weren’t sported only by standardly beautiful and slender models such as Gigi, but also by models of different shapes and sizes. Riri created a sultry lingerie collection that is designed to make women of all shapes and sizes not only able to find something for themselves, but also feel confident, sexy and desirable while wearing her designs. The era of ugly bras for bustier ladies is over, and we certainly hope that all other lingerie companies will learn something from this.


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