New Week New Goals!


Well it’s the start of another week and here at SVS HQ we are already planning ahead, researching new suppliers and ideas and coming up with new ways to promote our fabulous concierge service to all of you lovely people!

The beginning of the week is always a good time to get your plan of focus sorted and get organised for the week ahead, here we share our top tips to getting on top of your goals and staying organised:


For me I like to prep a little bit on the Sunday evening before the start of the Monday morning madness and get a few basic tasks out of the way, so I tidy up the inbox and make a plan for the tasks I want to achieve for the week ahead as well as creating a plan for my social media posts and content for the week ahead too.

I am a big fan of lists! They help me to stay organised and breakdown tasks in an easy to follow way, when using lists to plan and organise your week, keep to these few simple rules:

  • Keep Lists short and manageable – there is no point in having a massive long list of things to do in front of you as this is just going to daunt you and you’ll be looking at it going where in the hell do I start! Instead break down your weekly tasks in shorter daily lists for what you want to achieve each day. You will be much more productive this way and are more likely to achieve the tasks at hand if you do them in a manageable way.
  • Write your lists day by day – this way you can work through them methodically and prioritise the more important tasks at hand. By having a daily list, you can add as you go as well if other tasks come up during the week.
  • Check off or highlight tasks from your list once complete – this way you can see what you have achieved and what is left to do clearly and if anything needs to be carried over at all.

When it comes to social media, where possible I like to pre -schedule posts so that I have a consistent presence across all my channels, I will also post things as and when to add a bit of variety and also things I am doing that day for example if I am attending an event or trip or networking at a trade show or back in Dublin for a break. I use a scheduling app on my phone for most of my posts, so they are already set to post at specific times each day, this helps to get ahead for the week and have what I like to call base posts already in place where possible. I also have a list of hashtags that I use on regular basis handy and I have a blog post plan as well so that I can share content from this also and ensure the blog site has a variety of content added to it. I     will also check social media stats and figures at the beginning of each week to see how the previous week performed.

You can check out our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Have a diary or planner to hand – I am an absolute believer in having everything written down and having a diary that I carry with me helps me to keep on top of things and clearly see what I have coming up during the week. I actually have a planner that I keep in my home office desk draw and a diary that I keep in my handbag and I write dates and appointments in as and when I make them and add any key dates and notes for reference. When it comes to my diary, I definitely prefer the old school approach, but I also still add notes on my phone calendar and notes app too and this means I can set reminders if needed as well.


Research is another key area that I regularly try to stay up to date with and its important to keep on top of current trends , facts and figures and what is going on in the industry as well as the locations I work in. I do weekly research sessions to keep on top of this and include everything from magazines, online research, social media channels , destination platforms and blogs to news reports, networking opportunities and fact-finding trips and visits etc. I have a file set up for research and I also subscribe to relevant publications, newsletters , social media groups and blogs. I always carry a notebook around with me too so I can make a note of any points of interest and research topics I pick up when I’m out and about.

Do you have any useful tips and tricks that you use to help you stay organised? Leave me a comment below and share them with us😊


Check out the SVS Event Concierge website here –

SVS Event concierge offers a reliable, professional and knowledgeable lifestyle service within the following three fields of expertise:

  • Supplier sourcing for event theme and décor including bespoke gifting
  • A dedicated Dublin Concierge service
  • Blogging and content creation services

 We offer a one stop shop across Cambridge, London and Dublin for sourcing your event, party or special occasion supplies from bespoke gifting, entertainment and flowers to event décor, cakes, balloons, photographers and more. We can help with all manner of events from weddings and baby showers to birthdays, anniversaries, incentives and even launch parties/events.

 Here at SVS we are specialists in all things Dublin and the city is our primary location. With our dedicated Dublin concierge service, we can help you make the most of all your leisure trips, experience trips, luxury travel and special occasions or celebrations and are on hand to help you with anything from tailored trip plans, bespoke arrangements, recommendations, dinner reservations, local hotspots, places to visit, Dublin based suppliers and more.

 SVS Event Concierge can also help with promotion of your event, brand or venue etc. through our range of blogging services including guest blogs and articles, collaborations, social media features and written website content – Check out the So Very Sarah blog here with topics covering lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, events, SVS Event Concierge, venues and hotels and of course Dublin! 🙂


 We appreciate the hard work that goes into making your event, occasion, trip or celebration a success and we are committed to providing our clients with a service that ultimately Saves you time and takes the stress out of your planning and organising process bringing a fun, personal and warm approach, sharing our passions and helping our clients to create beautiful experiences and moments to remember.


Contact us at or DM us through our social media pages to find out more or to discuss an enquiry with us!😊

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  1. wordfoolery
    February 11, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    I’m a List Person too. Only thing I’d add is that I fill those lists with the most important tasks first so they get the time they need. Smaller, more optional, tasks are filled in afterwards.

    • sarahfl8
      February 11, 2019 / 2:15 pm

      That’s a great tip Grace, thank you 🙂