Mindset Strategies For Female Entrepreneurs Rising To The Top – Guest Post By Samanah Duran of BEYOUROWN

Being an entrepreneur is a tough task especially if you are a female entrepreneur in a typically male-dominated industry. However, just like any entrepreneur, you can overcome any obstacle you may face on your journey rising to the top whilst building a business you feel passionate about. Here are five great mindset strategies below.

Outsource help

Some times no matter how much you work hard, sometimes you simply cannot do it all on your own with limited hours in the day. Well, to be more precise, you may need to hire help to take yourself to the next level. Hire where your strengths are lacking and outsource your tasks to free up your time to focus on what you are really good at.

Rise with other women

As an entrepreneur, you are not just an owner of the business but also an advocate for something you feel passionate about or stand for. What better way to rise than with an army of other successful women to rise to the top with. If there is another entrepreneur out there that you particularly admire, think about your own values and first and then secondly reach out them to see if their goals and visions align with yours so that you could strike up a great working relationship. 

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Health is wealth

Take care of yourself mentally and physically. If you intend to live months, years and decades then don’t skip regular check-ups, get active and try to eat the best way possible to fuel your brain and body.

Keep learning

In the age of information, you can easily learn more about your passion by studying more either online with courses, webinars, libraries or conducting your own market research studies etc. Make sure what you are learning is a fundamental key to either your personal or professional growth, it is pointless to store knowledge that you have no intention of using.

Avoid toxic negative people

Avoid toxic negative people who want to discourage and doubt your abilities in what you want to put your mind to. These types of people can be your family, friends or members of your team that may actively try to sabotage your dreams and will eventually drain you of your energy. Keep a clear focus on what you want to achieve by only entrusting a loyal enclosed circle of those who have your best interest at heart and want to see you go far.

Samanah Duran |Critics Clothing & BEYOUROWN Founder & CEO


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