Let There Be Light: Styling Tips for Small Homes – Guest blog article by Chloe Taylor

If you live in a smaller apartment or house, you might consider looking into different ways to make your living space appear larger and more comfortable. One option includes adjusting your lighting, since lighting can influence the appearance of your home in terms of size, spaciousness, and comfort. After all, ever larger rooms can look small if they are not properly lit, which goes to say that lighting can truly make or break your home. With that in mind, here are a few tips that should help you make your small home look bigger and more stylish.

Let in natural light

No artificial lighting can replace the beauty of natural light, so try to let it in as much as you can. Enough natural light can make any room appear more spacious and less enclosed. So, consider using simpler and lighter window coverings. Also, depending on the size of the room and the layout, perhaps you could even turn one of your windows into a unique focal point.

Make use of mirrors

In case you simply don’t have enough natural light, you can make the most of what you do have by using mirrors. There are many different ways in which you can arrange your mirrors in order to achieve the desired illusion of size. For example, you can create a gallery wall of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, glossy surfaces, in general, reflect the light and make the room look bigger. Therefore, consider adding more metallic furniture pieces if you want your home to look larger than it really is.

Use track lighting

Since you don’t have much room to begin with, you probably don’t want it to be cluttered with lamps. This is why you should consider using track lighting. Track lighting has become quite popular because it takes up less visual space, which makes it perfect for illuminating smaller areas. It also allows you to direct light where necessary, so you can brighten up the usually shadowed corner of the room and create a nice reading nook. Plus, if you combine track lighting with a couple of pendant lights, you can rest assured that your home will be properly lit.

Draw the eye upwards

Pendant lights are not just a good match for track lighting, but they are also a great option if you have high ceilings. Needless to say, they are very practical, but they have another visual purpose – they draw the eye upwards and make you and your guests focus on the vertical space instead of the horizontal. Just make sure to consult a professional before you install any lights on your own, since in some countries, like Australia, you are not allowed to do any electrical work without a license. However, Aussies who hire an experienced Sydney electrician can rest assured that everything will be done according to rules, so it’s a small investment that pays off in more ways than one.

Mix different lighting fixtures

No matter how small your home might be, you still don’t want it to look boring. After all, if everything in your home looks the same, people are more likely to focus on the bigger picture, which, in your case, would not be very big. With that in mind, consider mixing different types and styles of lighting fixtures. Just make sure to position them in a way that would not create clutter. For example, string lights can be a great decorative element that would definitely make your home more interesting. Floor lamps, on the other hand, are not the best choice for small spaces, but you can still make it work if you transform your floor lamp into a statement corner piece, for example.

When it comes to interior design, lighting plays an important role. If you use it properly, you can make any space appear bigger, more comfortable, and much more modern. So, consider some of the listed tips, and your home is guaranteed to shine in more ways than one


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