How To Create A Positive Instagram Space – Guest Post by Fenella Fox of The Fox Files and Vixi Gifting.

Oh, Instagram! It’s a space where so many of us spend so much time, but on reflection, how positive is this space that we have built for ourselves?

Of course all social media platforms have their pros and cons, but there are many ways to ensure you feel as happy and welcome on your Instagram feed as possible.

Here are some top tips to help you improve your experience as an Instagram user…

Clear our clutter
Similarly to your wardrobe, clear out the things that don’t benefit you anymore.

We need to normalise unfollowing/muting accounts that don’t bring out the absolute best in us and fill us with positive thoughts.

Follow pages that make you feel better when you leave them, not anxious or trying to fight that feeling of not being good enough.

Speak your truth
Don’t be afraid to keep it real! Instagram is ever evolving and there is space for absolutely everybody. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and share the things you feel passionate about. Somebody out there needs to hear what you have to say. I love finding new accounts with a unique twist. Everybody’s Instagram feed is different and that’s what makes the app so enjoyable. 

Be mindful 
It can be so easy for us all to get caught up on that idea of the “perfect life.” The thing is, nobody’s life is perfect. Before you start tearing yourself down, remember how easy it is to use filters and the best angles. Instagram is a highlight reel, and you are amazing in so many unique ways! Take a moment to look at yourself outside of your phone screen. 

Manage your time spent on the app
How many of us start our day with a scroll on Instagram whilst in bed? No doubt it’s a lot! I’ve noticed I feel happier on the days when I don’t start my day looking at everyone else’s. Allow yourself time to process a new day and the dreams and challenges YOU face today, before your mind goes into overdrive. 

Share the love!
As an Insta-addict, I know how lovely it is when somebody takes time out of their day to compliment your creativity/your words. Sometimes we all just need that little positive quote to help us get through the day, so if somebody is posting something that uplifts and empowers you, don’t forget to leave a little comment or give it a share to your story. It’s a community that can thrive if we all use it with compassion and support.

We all need to keep doing the things in life that help us glow, and when it comes to your online space, it’s yours to craft as you wish. Do your thing and own it.

Fenella Fox


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