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With Christmas practically knocking on our door, we might be getting worried about finding perfect presents for those we love most. Sometimes it’s those we love best that make finding the perfect gift the greatest challenge. Don’t worry, we’re here to help: we give you a brief list of five great gift ideas for every millennial woman out there.

Read on to discover which five things which would be a perfect under-the-tree Christmas present for your friend.

A handy gadget

People rarely print photos these days, but they still love to have them around. This is the reason why our computers and phones are full of photos of our pets, friends, and family members and why we follow so many talented and interesting people on Instagram. The best gift for those who love taking great photos, but don’t have time to print and frame them is a digital photo frame. This way your girl will be able to have all of her favourite photos close by, making her office or a living room look much better, and ensuring this handy gadget and the moments displayed draw everyone’s attention.

Workout gear

Any gym bunny will tell you that they can never have enough equipment: gym clothes, gym shoes, gym bag, new tools… You don’t have to wrack your brain trying to come up with a nice and useful gift for your girlfriend: if she is passionate about exercise, you can give her a brand new yoga mat, a pair of comfortable gym shoes, jump rope with weights for an extra-hard jumping session, or a brand new gym bag with a fluffy new gym towel. If you want to take it to the next level, get her a personalized water bottle with a motivational quote to help her find strength to work out even when she’s having a bad day.

Something just for her

Speaking of personalized gifts, even if she isn’t a gym enthusiast, you can pick out something just for her. This way, you will show just how much she means to you and how dedicated you are to finding something she will truly love. A simple coffee mug with a caricature of her, an embroidered bathrobe, or a hand-painted pillowcase for a cushion on her couch will show how well you know her. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive trinkets either, sometimes you can make something yourself: a photo frame out of old CDs, a photo of the two of you in a small snow globe, or a key ring with your names that both of you can use.

A cosmetic product

Girls can never have enough beauty products: makeup, moisturizers, cleansers, face masks, and exfoliators. If your girl is crazy about cosmetic products, your choice is easy: buy her something she has wanted for a very long time. It can be an expensive eye cream, a luxurious face mask from Sephora, a set of Chanel shimmery gels that smell divine or a highly popular Huda Beauty contour & strobe lip set. Christmas is the time for indulgence, and we don’t mean just food; it’s about treating yourself and those you love to something special, and luxurious (and often expensive) beauty products are the perfect gifts.

Clothes, clothes, clothes

It appears there will never be a girl that has enough clothes. Trends change and we always want to look elegant and stylish, which means that we will try to follow new trends and always daydream about a new piece of clothing we really want to buy. For a girl who likes trends, the perfect gifts this Christmas include denim shorts, a spaghetti strap velvet mini dress, a faux fur coat, and plaid skirts. These are all a must-have, so start looking for the perfect piece on time.

Going on a shopping spree can be as draining as it is fulfilling, and you may find it a tiring, but overall pleasant task. Christmas is the time of peace and plenty when you reconnect with old friends and your own family, and share the joy of the season with those you love best. Remember that gifts might be important, but love and happiness are what it’s all about.

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