Flat lay photo tips

When it comes to blog or Instagram photos or even social media photo’s in general we all seem to love a flat lay!

While there are a number of stock photo websites that you can get these from to add to your blog posts, its actually really easy and enjoyable to create your own and you can then save these to your own stock photo collection for future use.

Here are my tips for creating a great flat lay photo to proudly display on your blog or social media feed:

Firstly, pick a simple background for your flat lay that is not going to distract from the items you are using in it and that will complement the theme of your flat lay. Something like a plain white background is always a fail safe and it can be anything from a white board or table top to a white bedsheet, but don’t be afraid to use backgrounds with colour or texture such as marble surfaces, glass surfaces, wooden surfaces or floorboards, shaggy rugs or fur throws etc. as these can really add to the overall effect of your photo and theme.

Then consider the lighting the flat lay will be shot in, natural daylight always works best and will show off the true colours and feel of the items in your photo. You can also get various lighting gadgets like ring lights, light boxes and portable photo studio tents that you can use to help simulate natural daylight or give a brighter lighting effect in order to get the best light for your photo. You want to get a nice bright, clean shot to really show off your flat lay. Your torch light on your phone is also great for creating more light on your shot too!

Next think about the placement of your items and the types of items you are using in your shot, placing items at different angles and overlays can add interest and shape to the overall shot or placing items in a neat, straight lined formation can give a strong and simple image. Make sure to leave suitable gaps between items to avoid it looking cluttered and ensure the space you are shooting on is large enough to fit the whole image on properly in a balanced way. The items should help to tell the story of your shot and tie in with the theme you are using. Play around with the layout and placement of the items to experiment with different versions of the shot and take an image of each one so you can choose your preferred image to use.

Check out Instagram, Pinterest and other blog sites for loads of flat lay inspiration and stock photo sites are also great for helping with ideas of how to create one and the types of items to use in them.


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