Featured Supplier – Irish Folk Tours

We have a new featured supplier this week and are delighted to welcome on board Irish Folk Tours!

Experience an enchanting evening of Irish folklore ,storytelling and music while enjoying  a traditional Irish candlelit dinner in Dublin.

Owner Johnny Daly tells us more:

“I set up this evening back in 2006 to give people a sense of how Irish people lived their everyday lives in times past. Less the political history of Ireland and more the social history. The type of information you don’t find in the history books and which is often of most interest to people visiting Ireland especially those with an Irish heritage.

The evening takes place in a candlelit room at O’Sheas traditional Irish Pub right in the heart of Dublin.

In the first talk we go into the food lore, the potato what a big part of our history that was. We explore their superstitions around food, especially on Halloween night and other fascinating subjects like their divination games, love potions etc. We then talk about Irish stew, bacon and cabbage and then you get to eat it!!

Then you have your starter and after this we go into the second talk on the fairy world. This gives you a real insight into where the beliefs in the fairy world came from, how it helped people deal with life in so many ways before they had the scientific knowledge we have today to explain everything. We talk about the characters that inhabited this world the trooping fairies, the leprechaun, the banshee and the puca. Where we get the superstitions around fairy trees and fairy fort and finally how in some parts of Ireland today there is still a great respect for the fairy world. We explore how these beliefs in a parallel world affecting people every day lives are similar across all cultures.

Then as you have your main course, dessert tea and coffee you can relax and enjoy live traditional Irish music and ballads from our wonderful musicians.

Finally we finish off the night with a bit about the storytelling culture and tell a couple of great stories”

What could be better as a cultural experience in Dublin than a candlelit dinner in a traditional Irish pub with wonderful folklore, stories and music. At the end of the night you are free to make your way up to the Pub and enjoy more live music in one of Dublin’s best known traditional music venues.

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