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SVS Event Concierge has recently partnered with a new gifting supplier as part of our supplier sourcing service, find out a bit more about them here! You can also find out more information about our supplier sourcing service on our website – www.svs-eventconcierge.com 🙂

SVS Event Concierge is delighted to be working with Artisan lane gifts, a family business based in Bishop’s Stortford who create gift box collections and offer a bespoke service
featuring a collection of lovingly crafted gifts and gift box collections by local and artisan British producers, all beautifully hand packed by artisan lane, they make ideal gifts for family, friends and


They also offer a bespoke gift service to create wonderful gifts for product launches, events, client and staff gifting.


Artisan Lane champion local designers and producers and here are 6 reasons why it makes a positive difference to buy local and artisan.


  1. Boost the local economy – research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business
  2. Ethical – buying more locally and in season, reduces food miles (also contains more nutrients and less packaging) and when it comes to gifts, the smaller local artisan is likely to choose more ethically sourced materials
  3. Better Quality – artisans are passionate about their creations and they will source higher quality materials
  4. Unique to the area – by buying local products, you are championing, artists, designers, food producers and growers unique to your area
  5. Support British entrepreneurs – by buying from smaller designers and artisans you are fostering the next generation of designers and retailers
  6. Quirky and different gifting – quirky and one-off items are a major plus. Give your friends or relatives a handmade gift and it will be unique compared with anything they already have


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