Event theme and decor tips and tricks

When it comes to planning and putting together a theme for your event or special occasion the styling and details are one of the most important factors to consider.

Coming up with an event theme can be quite tricky when it comes to injecting character and personality so it’s a good idea to keep the theme idea simple and effective with a base colour scheme and use little touches and unique finishes to bring it to life which will enable you to create beautiful and interesting details and focal points throughout your theme making your event stand out from the crowd.

For example, if you want to use bold and bright colours consider keeping the room neutral with white table linen and drapes and injecting those bold and bright colours into things like colourful floral centerpieces, table runners, balloons and banners etc. this will balance the look and feel of the room and make the colours really stand out and create a wow factor for your guests.

It’s all in the detail and it’s the little extras at an event that your guests appreciate and want to post on their Instagram and social media pages, there are lots of ways to bring your theme together with interesting details such as personalised place settings, little table gifts for your guests or even themed beverages to tie in with your event and colour scheme.

It’s the little touches that help make it memorable and leave your guests with a lasting impression. Focus on the signature details and areas where you can create a real focal point keeping them related to the theme. Quirky details like selfie props, personalized event signage, drinks tags and goody bags or gifts for guests are all great ways to inject a bit of personality and fun into your event.A beautifully dressed table is always a sure-fire way to impress your guests, using a feature centre piece and incorporating your colour scheme with your place settings is an easy and effective way to bring your table to life. Add little touches such as name cards, table gifts, co-ordinating napkins and runners, candles and table decorations to tie it all together.

You should also consider the placement of your event décor, once you have things like tables and chairs set out you want to ensure that the room dressings are eye level, so you catch the guests attention as the enter and look around the room, they will be drawn to what’s in front of them and are not going to notice anything below table height so don’t waste details around the ground level etc.

A few event theme trends that are popular currently include metallic and rose gold, vintage style and neon and brights. Popular items to include in your event are confetti balloons, LED letters and metallic Letter balloons, selfie booths and props and drinks vendors such as prosecco vans and cocktail or Gin stations.

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