Countdown to Christmas!

So, we are already over half way through December and the countdown to Christmas is well and truly under way with everyone getting ready for the big day and looking forward to a well-earned Christmas break filled with friends and family, good food, alcohol and festivities. I for one am no exception to this and am definitely looking forward to enjoying a few festive beverages and a good old sing song to fairy-tale of New York with the best of them.

As we approach the final few days of preparation, wrapping presents and stock piling chocolate and alcohol like we are getting ready for the apocalypse, not to mention those last-minute panic buying trips and planning of your Christmas day outfit we can all start looking forward to enjoying the day and the celebrations that go with it along with all that amazing food, merriment and of course the drinking – tis the season after all! 😊 Whether yours is a glitzy and glam affair or your rocking your Christmas jumpers looking like a bunch of extras from the wham Last Christmas video with Jim Royal at the head of the table in his lop-sided Christmas cracker hat we all have our own versions of a perfect Christmas and how we celebrate it and would we really have it any other way?!

 So how does your Christmas start? Mine starts when I officially finish work for Christmas and go home and crack open a bottle (or two!) of something fizzy or something red or white (I’m not fussy!) to toast the start of the holiday season followed by a cheeky Gin or Jamesons. Christmas eve is always a favourite of mine, I love that buzz that’s around with everyone excited for the festivities and the getting ready to celebrate with family with a few drinks and a bit of a boogie around my aunts living room floor! On Christmas day we get up early to open presents at home and then visit family to give their presents – its always great watching them opening them and seeing their reactions! Then comes Christmas dinner, all sat around the table eager to pull the crackers that have been sat there all morning and get that festive paper hat on and share those cringe worthy cracker jokes before we tuck into our prawn cocktail and Turkey and all the trimmings – another thing that is stock piled in my house is pigs In blankets and who does not love a pig in blanket! #best invention ever! Then there’s enough dessert options to cater for Patisserie Valerie for the next year! Again, tis the season after all! 😊

 As much as I enjoy the festivities, I am also looking forward to the wind down as well and having a good couple of days to chill out with a hot chocolate, a cheesy Christmas film and stuff my face with some of those stock piled chocolates I mentioned! Yes, I’m talking sofa, bed socks, cosy throw and the Christmas lights on in the background – I know …. Rock and roll right?!



How ever you celebrate it this year, make it a great one!

……….. Now to crack open that Gin!

Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂


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  1. Sharon Binge
    December 30, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    What a great blog. Xxx

    • sarahfl8
      December 30, 2017 / 7:43 pm

      Thank you 👍