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Diamond Engagement Rings -The Finest Expression Of Your Love

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable occasions in life, as well as a milestone achievement for any couple to embark on, and the best way to mark the occasion is with a beautiful piece of jewellery, like a luxurious diamond engagement ring.

Shopping for an engagement ring is one of those unique, memorable experiences that one will remember for years and years to come. The process of purchasing an engagement ring is all about the finer details but done right you will choose a ring that will be treasured forever.

Although you are almost certainly full of excitement at the prospect of finding that perfect ring that symbolises your love and commitment as a couple, this process may throw some challenges your way too.

That is quite normal and so, to help you out, I have put together this guide which hopefully helps to answer some of those concerning questions that you may be battling with and make your engagement ring buying experience the best it can be.

Don’t rush it!

Ok so you may be eager to get the ring, carry out the proposal, and be ready to move onto the next chapter within your relationship, but rushing when buying the engagement ring is never a good idea.

Make it special

Diamonds are the epitome of specialness, there is no doubt about that, and this tends to be the reason why most look for a diamond ring when about to pop the question to their loved ones. They have historically been used as engagement rings, and a lot has to do to their intrinsic value and luxury quality and appeal.

The top 4 Diamond characteristics to focus on

Every diamond is unique in its own right, the reason that they differ when it comes to their value is because of the grading of the 4C’s – Cut, colour, clarity and carat, all of which helps to define the quality of the stone.

Cut – The cut of a diamond is determined by the quality of the facets and how well the light reflects off the stone, the more dazzling, bright and vivid the brilliance the more valuable the stone is.

Colour – Traditional engagement rings often feature pure white diamonds. In terms of white diamonds, the less colour they have, the more valuable they are. There are also diamonds available in colours like luscious pink, red, yellow, or blue but these are extremely rare.

Clarity – Clarity is all about how flawless the diamond is, and although not always visible to the naked eye, minute flaws, inclusions or blemishes will downgrade the value of the stone. Those diamonds that tend to be almost flawless are by far the rarest and most valuable to find.

Carat – The carat of a diamond refers to the weight of the stone not including its setting, or particularly its size. Generally, the heavier the diamond, the more valuable the stone becomes, but there are other residing factors when assessing the quality that will make a significant difference too.

The Various Types of Ring Settings

The ring setting is what determines the overall look of the ring. With various styles available, options include a variety of choices such as glamorous, timeless classic, or more delicate and sophisticated designs.

The setting should reflect the taste and personality of the person who wears the ring.

Here are some of the many choices of ring settings available:

Halo Engagement Rings – Halo is the epitome of vintage and timeless classic, the setting of the ring features a halo of subsequent smaller stones which surround a much larger diamond in the centre.

Cluster Engagement Rings – Different to settings that feature a single large stone, these combine a cluster of much smaller stones instead. Cluster settings offer the utmost sparkle and are considered statement pieces.

Solitaire Engagement Rings – This is a delicate and simple design showcasing a single stone. A Solitaire setting is elegant, timeless and extremely sophisticated.

Three Stone Engagement Rings – The perfect choice for romantics. There is a story attached to the three stone engagement ring as the trio of stones are said to represent the couple’s past, present and future.

Choosing the perfect diamond shape

The shape of the stone is what gives a diamond ring its own personal and unique character. There are more traditional shapes such as timeless round brilliant designs that will offer exquisite sparkle, as well as many other different shapes also available such as:

Princess Diamonds – These designs tend to be modern renditions and often offer a square shape; they are ultra-glam with utmost elegance and tend to work well with high carat stones.

Oval Diamonds – A dazzling variation to the classic round brilliant cut, this particular design offers a more vintage approach by combining a classic halo style setting.

Marquise Diamonds – Otherwise known as “boat shaped”, this cut is ideal for helping fingers look elegant and long and oozes sophistication.

Pear Diamonds – Due to their teardrop-shaped characteristics, this particular design offers something totally different and unique.

Emerald Cut Diamonds – This is a vintage-inspired cut, with rectangular facets that help to showcase the clarity of the stone.

Cushion Diamonds – Also vintage-inspired, these particular cuts offer a large facet which emphasises the diamond’s clarity and brilliance. Cushion cut diamonds are by far the most favoured choice amongst vintage fans.

Baguette Diamonds – Baguette diamonds tend to focus on a style which relates to modern Art deco; they are unique and look beautiful using cluster designs.

How to choose the right metal for your engagement ring?

Another residing factor when it comes to selecting a diamond engagement ring is the choice of the metal.

The metal you choose will impact not only the price but also the overall appearance of the ring. Yellow gold is, without a doubt the more traditional option to choose from but white and platinum offer a contemporary modern twist and rose gold sports a much sought-after vintage appeal.

The rarest of precious metals, Platinum is the utmost luxury option when it comes to choosing the metal for a diamond ring, and generally the most expensive too. Along with being tarnish-resistant, it offers the most secure setting for a precious diamond stone.

White gold is created by combining yellow gold and platinum, giving it its distinctive champagne-like appearance. It is coated with rhodium to offer a stunning bright finish and is ideal for contemporary modern designs of engagement rings.

One of the most favoured and traditional metals are the classic Yellow gold, which tends to withstand the test of time. Yellow gold does not rust, tarnish or corrode, and is highly reflective as well as a robust and perfect setting for a diamond.

Rose gold is produced by adding a high percentage of copper to pure yellow gold metal. Vintage lovers often favour it since it presents a rather romantic elegance to the setting of the diamond.

The element of Surprise vs Expectation

Now that we have come this far let’s focus on the plan in mind. Some partners prefer for the proposal to be a complete surprise, whereas others take a different route and are committed to making all of the major decisions together as a couple. There is no right or wrong decision here, and whatever that choice might be, the friendly people from Appleby Jewellers are always ready to give their expert help.

With their physical store centrally located just off Grafton Street in Dublin’s city centre, you can count with Appleby Jewellers to assist you in this quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring to mark this extraordinary occasion and milestone within your relationship.

Their specialists can assist you on choosing the ideal design and finding a suitable jewellery piece within your budget.

At Appleby’s, you are in safe hands with every diamond in their collection being ethically sourced and certified. With over sixty years in the business they can cater for all tastes, providing a comprehensive range and the highest quality and craftsmanship when it comes to designs, materials and styles.


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