5 Tips to Achieve Glowing Skin this Year – Guest blog article by julia Esguerra

In 2018, people continued to experiment in different ways to have glowing skin Getting regular facials, carving time out of your busy schedules to complete a skincare routine and investing in quality products are just some of the many things you’ve probably tried to get that dewy glow.

Now that the new year is here, the quest for that healthy flush continues!

Here are five easy ways to help your skin be at its most radiant.

1. Eliminate sources of stress

Stress can exacerbate many skin conditions, such as acne, dark circles, psoriasis, and eczema. Try your best to remove yourself from situations that can cause you a lot of stress or extreme pressure. If you feel that it’s impossible due to personal or professional reasons, then make sure you set time to decompress at certain moments of the day. For example, you can attend yoga classes after work or do simple breathing exercises on your free time to instill some calm. Too much frowning can cause wrinkles!

2. Moisturize twice a day

You read that right: twice a day. That means when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Your skin naturally loses hydration and elasticity throughout the day, so it’s crucial that you allow it to drink up all the nutrients at night. Do this again in the morning so it can act as a protective barrier for your face. For best results, use moisturizers that go well with your skin type: thick creams for dry skin, and gel-based ones for oily skin.

3. Get some fresh air

Staying inside an airconditioned room for eight hours a day and commuting through second-hand smoke and pollution both do a great deal of damage on your skin! If you know routes to work you can pass by where it’s less crowded, like parks, try taking a walk there from time to time. Don’t lock yourself inside one room all day—give your skin room to breathe.

4. Combat the sun

The sun’s harsh UV rays are still one of the top factors of premature skin aging. Whether it’s cloudy, rainy, or sunny, always use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before stepping out of the house. This includes your whole body, not just your face!

5. Hydrate and eat properly

It may be the new year, but this tip is old: eat properly and drink at least eight glasses of water every day. You are what you eat, so if you want to get that glow, you have to start from within. Eat a balanced diet, don’t skip out on your veggies, and keep drinking water. This will also help you lock in your skin’s moisture throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

As long as you maintain your skincare routine and go the extra mile of keeping yourself stress-free and healthy, glowing skin is bound to follow. Remember: be patient. Changes won’t show up overnight, but with perseverance, the results will be so worth it. Keep taking care of yourself and your skin!


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