5 Autumn 2018 Interior Design Trends to Give a Go – Guest blog article by Chloe Taylor

It’s that time of the year when all those beautiful autumn trends appear and win over your heart immediately. In order to help you choose the best among them, we’ve singled out our unique list of several amazing interior design trends that you should definitely give a go. Let’s take a look and find a way to add a breath of fresh air to your home this season.

1. Introduce floral patterns

Nothing will warm up your home better than beautiful floral patterns on your cushions and furniture. What’s best, you don’t need to keep them simple this year. Instead, feel free to be bold and introduce oversized florals to your walls and turn them into a special focal point of the room. They will definitely speak volumes about your sophisticated taste and make your living room look absolutely unique. Of course, if you go for it, make sure to keep the rest of your interior design simple and minimalistic and thus prevent creating a sense of confusion and crowdedness.

2. Warm up the interior

There is a certain beauty in autumn that always brings along a huge interest in warm shades which will make your interior more inviting. In order to achieve this, you can introduce light fixtures with gold elements like a glamorous pendant fixture for the living room or a brass table lamp for the bedroom. Additionally, you can create this timeless look by painting an accent wall in an amber shade and combining it with a comfortable Dijon rug to tie the whole room together. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate elegant earthy-toned curtains into your living room design since they will help you strike a perfect balance between all these different elements and create that special homey vibe.

3. Go black

If you prefer monochromatic designs and simple solutions, this autumn will bring you exactly that. For instance, instead of adding accessories in different colours, go fully black. These pieces will definitely catch everybody’s attention and add a touch of elegance to the interior. On top of that, the black colour is associated with dominance and authority which makes it a perfect choice for your home office as well. So, instead of opting for usual pastel nuances and natural brown shades, be bold and win the respect of your clients as soon as they step through your door.

4. Autumn kitchen vibes

During autumn, the kitchen becomes the place that smells like pumpkin spice and cinnamon tea and reminds us of the good old times. Therefore, there is no better way to prepare the kitchen for the season than with some traditional design trends. You can start by making your own potpourri with nutmeg, cinnamon, apple slices, vanilla and orange peels that will give your kitchen a special nostalgic smell and send you back to your happy childhood days. Afterwards, you can opt for pumpkin flower pots and artificial autumn greenery perfect for the dining table or countertops. Finally, if you truly want to bring the traditional style to life, make sure to opt for one of the gorgeous dinnerware sets from Wedgwood which you can hang on your wall racks to add that evergreen touch of class to your autumn decor. By doing this, you’ll have your set at hand when you need to fetch it and at the same time turn it into a real decor piece.

5. Give the Japanese style a go

Last but not least, Japanese decor trends are strongly present this season in interior collections of numerous world-famous designers. In other words, they are focusing on softer elements like silk textures with the aim of contrasting the chilly autumn weather with a warm familiar indoor atmosphere. On top of that, the Japanese interior design is all about elegant oriental prints and beautiful floral patterns, and the easiest way to incorporate them both is by introducing a high-quality rug which will keep your feet warm and add that final touch to the entire look. Lastly, Japanese homes are known for their Zen atmosphere, so make sure to bring in a couple of scented candles with a relaxing lavender fragrance and equip your bathroom with beautiful essential oils.

This autumn will be a perfect opportunity to introduce some innovations to your home’s interior design and make it cosier than ever. No matter what trend you opt for, remember that this season is all about warmth and comfort, so don’t hesitate to pamper yourself and enjoy every second spent in your home.


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