3 Things That All Business Owners Should know now and in the future – Guest post by Laura Lohk – Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach

Who would have known that after all this time most of the world is still in some form of lockdown? If you are anything like me, you didn’t think that it would ever come to this and when it did, the initial shock of it took some time to readjust.There is no doubt that some businesses are struggling more than others right now but what if things are not as bad? What if lockdown could turn out to be the biggest opportunity for your business?

In the first few weeks of lockdown, when everyone was getting used to the new ‘norm’, I spoke to two of my business clients. Two parties in similar line of business with very different points of view. During my session with one of them, I heard how negative it is for business and how they can’t see how their businesses will survive. The other, however, saw an opportunity of taking a step back, analysing what has worked and what not, and looking for ways how they can utilise the new ‘norm’ of online working. 

Following interaction with these businesses, one thing became very clear. It is not what happens to us that matters but what we make of it.

Whilst this is not easy to do, the following three things are needed for all businesses to succeed, not only during these odd times we are living right now, but also after lockdown has ended.

Sharpen your saw

Entrepreneurs and businesses owners, especially new to this, often work all hours of the day to kick start their business and to grow it. It’s as if they are on a conveyor belt without taking the step away to look after themselves and their wellbeing. They work hard not smart and often think that they have no time for self-care. One of the crucial thing they forget is that business doesn’t start with a website or beautiful business cards, it starts with them. That’s the foundation of any business and if the foundation is not strong, neither will be their business. Lockdown, can therefore allow us to take a step back, refresh, reset and take stock. Remember that if we work with a blunt saw, taking trees down will take much more effort and time than if you’d sharpen your saw regularly and then continue with your work.

Shift your focus

Business owners are used to work with long term plans forecasting the future for their business success. The current uncertainty, however, can cause worry and anxiety especially since there is so much we cannot control. Now more than every it is necessary to narrow our focus away from what we cannot control or influence and bring it closer to home. Simply by accepting that some things will always be out of our control and realising that there is always something we can do to work the problem, can bring significant ease to the way we move forward. So, you might want to consider this question “What is the smallest action I can take, which by taking, I can work the problem and move forward?” and who knows, that could be a small difference that makes all the difference.

Be more water

Lockdown has showed clearly that those businesses who were fully or partly online, adapted much more easily than those who’s business was completely face to face. Some quickly noticed gaps in the market, pivoted their business and some even increased their sales significantly. How? Because they were flexible and moulded themselves to the need of their customers. Mind-set has a huge role to play here because those business owners who have growth and learning mind-set, quickly thought ‘where is the opportunity here’ and even if they had face to face business, they thought outside the box. Hairdressers began running webinars about styling hair if you can’t have haircut, chefs began running workshops about cooking, interior designers taught people how to decorate their homes. There is an opportunity in every challenge. We just have to become more water to find it and just like some businesses already proved, these restrictions can actually make us more creative. 

Laura Lohk therapist and coach helping businesses to succeed from inside out. 




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